Internal Training

Internal Training

It is a state of the workshop. Everyone has a serious face and the instructor is trying hard to teach lessons.

It is self-introduction of internal lecturer. All the training texts were created by the lecturers themselves.

It is a birthday party after training. Everyone enjoy cakes and drinks given by the president.

Our lecturers are experienced SAP consultants and the courses are established for students who wants to know SAP. It is free, please contact us if you are interested.

For us, each employee is the company's wealth. In order to provide a good consulting service to clients, we can not do without skill improvement of our employees. We aim to improve the general skills of all our employees, lecture on the practical contents of each SAP module, and training excellent consultants through exercises such as group work.

In addition to learning knowledge and skills of various document creation encountered in the business scene, we aim to foster rich Japanese sentence expression ability and communication skills. In particular, I teach practical Japanese on IT technology. We focus on communication among engineers, centering on "listen" and "speak". In addition, we training from all angles, such as information necessary for life in Japan, understanding of Japanese cultures etc.