Vision SAP Leonardo(industry 4.0)

Vision SAP Leonardo(industry 4.0)

SAP Leonardo is an IoT portfolio that summarizes the adaptive applications, big data applications, and connectivity required for IoT, which was announced in January 2017. Leonardo is composed by several components such as: various applications which to be applied for IoT’s objects (such as human, assets or apparatus), “SAP Leonardo Bridge” which collects information from objects in real time, “SAP Leonardo Foundation” which supports application development and connection management of objects, and so on.

SAP is a member company of a national project for the creation of next-generation industries called “Industry 4.0” led by the German government, working in cooperation with Siemens Germany and Germany Bosch to develop international standards of IoT, focusing and dedicating more on IoT.

Shall will work diligently towards the goal of spreading “Industry 4.0” with the know-how cultivated in SAP.