Infrastructure design/construction/operation

Infrastructure design/construction/operation

Basic Concept

We can propose various services according to customer’s preferred hardware, software and budget, and we can also start from equipment selection if adding some budget. On the other hand, we will flexibly deal with service design only for design phase, construction phase, verification phase or some other limited processes.

Customer resident type service

With customer resident type service, Shall engineers will stay at customer’s place and provide services. We provide engineering services on IT infrastructure based on servers, networks, middleware, storage and virtualization at optimum technology and optimal timing. Based on our abundant experience and know-how accumulated by our company, we will provide advanced technology and high quality management by top down approach, so that customer’s IT system can be operated “efficiently” and “effectively” . With the achievements proven by the success of many project management, we will deal with organizations that are complicated and having problems quickly.

Based on extensive experience and high technical capabilities, we will develop infrastructure design, construction and operation services making full use of our own know-how. We will provide you with high value-added services that satisfy your requirements.

Shall is striving to aim to be No.1 customer satisfaction with regard to IT service. We will do “warm service” that can be said to be rare in the IT industry with the motto of making customers happy.